Do you visit the dentist once per year? The American Dental Association recommends that you do to keep the teeth and oral health in best condition. This is a preventative tool that will help your oral health in many ways. But, take a look at these five important dental facts that you should know.

Replacing the Toothbrush is Important

Every three months toss out the toothbrush and replace it with a new one. Use an electric toothbrush? Replace the heads. Bacteria and germs can settle on the toothbrush after this timeframe, which then transfer to your mouth.  Change out the toothbrush to reduce the risks.

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Bad Breath May be a Bigger Problem Than You Realize

Everyone experienced bad breath now and again. Whether it’s the onions from the burger you had at lunch or a bad case of morning breath, we’ve all been there. But, people whose bad breath doesn’t go away could be caused by a bigger issue and may be known as a condition called halitosis. Visit the dentist for treatment.

Not Every Dentist is the Same

Do not choose the first general dentist paramount ca you find in an internet search. Research the choices and find a dentist who matches your needs and your personality. Dentists are not created the same and the wrong dentist can considerably affect your oral care.

You Won’t Fool the Dentist

Don’t try to floss or brush your teeth extra well before you go to the dentist but at no other time. You won’t fool the dentist and certainly add unnecessary risks to the health of your mouth and teeth.

Your Gums Shouldn’t Bleed

See spots of blood when brushing your teeth? Despite what many people think, this is not normal. In fact, it is a sign of early gum disease and you should make an appointment with the dentist.

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